Crown molding has been used for centuries for home interiors .It adds value to your house with a easy way . after years of evolution of crown molding , people developed more pre-made crown molding lighting designs to update the traditional way of installing lighting behind crown molding or coving . Pre-made indirect lighting molding profiles not only decrease the installation cost ,also strength contemporary concept of house decoration . Now let’s take look at some amazing crown molding lighting ideas.

  1. DX-6010 Muti-function foam molding for led lighting .

This lighting molding is a mufi function indirect lighting moldings .We can use it individually or work with other lighting molding and it could be placed as crown molding lighting on ceiling , wall lighting moldings to replace chair rail molding and also could combine with baseboard as a hallway lighitng .

    1. Uplighting Crown Molding for Ceiing
    2. Chair Rail Lighting Molding .
    3. Hallway lighting Molding

Cove Molding is the most common crown molding profile. If you want a cove lighting , there are two ways you can choose . One is adding a wood studs behind traditional cove molding to place led strip .Another is buying pe-made cove lighting molding . Pre-made cove lighting molding has a support feet on the back of molding .We just need place the led strip ,very simple and easy .

There are two different types of LED cove molding in market . Take a look at it .

    1. LED lighting come out from one side ,up side or down side . The other side of molding is still closed on the wall.
    2. LED lighting come out from two side.
9315 coving lighting moldingindirect lighting crown molding dx-6014-1
  • Modern Step Uplighting Wall Molding or Panel Molding.

Maybe you just need a simple ,clean uplighting design. Here you are . Add this step uplighting molding into your purchase list .It is primed and ready for any types of paint . Is it look amazing after a DIY paint ?

steps crown molding lighting
  • Hallway Baseboard Lighting .

You may not be afraid of the Boogie Man anymore ,but you might be afraid of losing your toe to the deviously-sharp end of your bed frame .If you are stumbling on your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack ,then some night lights is in order.You do not need a bunch of overhead lighting on a late night run to bathroom . Installing a baseboard lighting is a good way to achieve a feet-friendly hallways . You can built some lights fixtures into the baseboard molding . You also can use a baseboard lighting molding profile which has a led strip installation position.

  1. 1159 Cove Baseboard Molding for lighting
  2. XT-9355 Down Lighting Base Molding
  3. JX181-W Colonial Skirting board lighting
  4. Flat Led Skirting Board JX182-W 
  5. Flat Led Skirting Board JX140-W with wire channel
Baseboard Lighting 1159

1159 Baseboard Lighting

XT9355 Down lighting Base MoldingSkirting board lighting JX140-W
skirting board lighting JX181Led Baseboard Lighting JX182