White stone feature wall –an modern , contemporary ,refresh stylish feature wall

One of the challenges of home decoration is designing a contemporary/modern  style for overall ,also need some difference to light it up . Modern interior design follow a concept of minimalism ,balance and clean lines, such as wash white color wall , simple ,clean straight skirting and plain smooth trim molding ,all elements looks warm ,not cold ,not stark .

Let’s take a look at what our customer done . From the after photos ,we can see it is a modern apartment with a french window which allow plenty of sunshine or lighting come from outside .Functional cabinets on side and modern desk under neath of the white stacked stone wall . This stacked stone texture is a modified stacked stone style . It looks more flat and more standard shape ,more clean . With a recessed lighting ,it highlight the 3D texture stone look .

It is Myfull Decor 361 Stacked Stone Panels .Myfull Decor 361 Stacked Stone Panels are molded from high density polyurethane foam ,light weight ,durable ,water proof .Myfull Decor stacked stone panels come in panelling with size of 48” x 12” which can be installed directly onto drywall or wood frame and other flat surface .

Let’s discuss the this project -and why using 361 Stacked Stone Panel was a best option .

If we use natural stone .stone veneer or manufacturing stone , these materials are heavy ,labor-cost install because of that we have to lay each individual stone strip piece to piece on the mortal and sealed ,grouted . 361 Stacked stone panels get rid of almost all these issues. Myfull Decor 361 stack stone panel is a light weight panelling .You can cut the panels with wood jaw and screw or glue the panels on the wall directly ,no other things need . No mess ,no dirty and DIY friendly .