6 07, 2020

Home Improvement on a Budget: The Advantages of Cheap Crown Molding

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Ancient Egyptians carved designs in stone to create ornate details for the outside of their buildings or columns. Ancient Greeks used crown molding to create opulent designs in their buildings, showcasing their artistry and attention to detail. Today, we can achieve the same effect with far less effort. No chisel and hammer are needed to carve out intricate designs. All you need is a fine-tooth saw and a miter box to achieve the same rich look.  Cheap crown molding is a cost-effective way [...]

13 05, 2020

Amazing crown molding lighting ideas with pre-made foam molding

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Crown molding has been used for centuries for home interiors .It adds value to your house with a easy way . after years of evolution of crown molding , people developed more pre-made crown molding lighting designs to update the traditional way of installing lighting behind crown molding or coving . Pre-made indirect lighting molding profiles not only decrease the installation cost ,also strength contemporary concept of house decoration . Now let’s take look at some amazing crown molding [...]

24 03, 2020

The Most Asked Questions About Polyurethane Mouldings

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We received many questions about polyurethane mouldings products ,so we would like to list the most asked questions listed here and hope this will help you to understand more about our polyurethane mouldings products . What is Polyurethane moulding ? Polyurethane is a high density foam materials. When we talk about polyurethane moulding , the full name should be high density polyurethane foam        moulding . It has all of advantages of wood without the disadvantages ,like [...]

15 02, 2020

How to Cut An 90 Degree Crown Molding Corner

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Installing a crown molding is a easy and low cost way to make room look more elegant and refined.It make your room feel less boxy and bland , best of all ,it can increase the value of your apartment . If you are ready to transform your home with crown moldings and you are not a professional contractor or woodworker , you may need our tips that how to cut a 90 degree crown molding corner , inside corner [...]

12 07, 2019

Covering House Foundation With Faux Stone Panels

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Do you want a better looking finish house foundation ? Instead original ugly ,exposed rough concrete foundation that surround the base of your house which caused by use of formed concrete or prefab walls . There are ways to update your unfinished rough concrete house foundation . Now let’s take a look at what ways you can do for covering house foundation. Option 1 : Simple Painting to cover house foundation The most easy and [...]

4 06, 2019

My favorite baseboard moulding styles

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Together with my experience designing heaps of residential or commercial interior spaces, I utilize baseboards for a basic function. As there are lots of kinds and types of baseboards, I would like to share with you my favorite baseboard moulding styles, based upon the style and design of one's space. Baseboards works as below three functions : As a transitional piece between your floor and the walls Protect the wall from damage caused by scratch, high- heel shore knocking, [...]

31 05, 2019

How To Paint Cornice Moulding & Coving

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When painting coving & cornice moulding it is vital to not forget that the approach that you desire is based upon the material it is created out of.  By way of instance a few coving & cornice materials like extruded polystyrene are extremely absorbent, therefore will be needing a pair of coats of paint to have yourself a wonderful finish.  Materials like paper plaster will require less paint but need do a pre-prime firstly . New Polymer-based polyurethane cornice moldings [...]

17 05, 2019

Flexible Baseboard Molding

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Flexible baseboard molding as well know as " flex baseboard molding " " flex base molding " or " flex trim " , is a water resistant ,durable ,insect resistant materials ideally used for installing baseboard molding in curved or unusually shape wall in your home . Flexible baseboard molding is made out of polyurethane resin which allow it to be bent like a belt without breaking . Polyurethane flexible baseboard molding products offers a cost effective solution for [...]

15 05, 2019

How to install stone wall

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Tools need for installation Myfull Decor Faux Stone Panels Screws Screw Driver Caulking gun Hack Saw Measuring tap Painters tap Pencil Touch Paint ( If need) Protective Gear Myfull Decor Faux Stone Panels are a polyurethane materials molded fake stone paneling which has a defined stone textures same as real stone ,look and feels no different from real stone ,but are extremely much better performed in product weight , installation methods . Myfull Decor stone panel comes in 48” [...]

6 05, 2019

Full List of 2019 Cornice /Coving Materials

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Full List of 2019 Cornice /Coving Materials  Cornice Molding, a horizontal decorative molding that covers the transition area between ceiling and wall, is widely used decorative elements for the interior & exterior.  Cornice Moulding also called Coving in European countries, one of popular use architectural molding can be made of different materials. Some materials are more suited to certain types of projects than others, with two key considerations Function Budget Now let's talk a look at the material list we [...]

25 04, 2019

Build feature walls with faux stone panels

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Stone panels are installed to exude class and sophistication, and they bring a level of elegance to almost any setting. The problem for many people is that real stone panels are expensive and difficult to install, but there is a simple solution – using a faux stone panel instead. The Benefits of Faux Stone Panels One of the main attractions of stone panels is the way they look. The craftsmanship involved in creating a stone wall or panel lends [...]

18 04, 2019

White Feature Stone Wall

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White stone feature wall --an modern , contemporary ,refresh stylish feature wall One of the challenges of home decoration is designing a contemporary/modern  style for overall ,also need some difference to light it up . Modern interior design follow a concept of minimalism ,balance and clean lines, such as wash white color wall , simple ,clean straight skirting and plain smooth trim molding ,all elements looks warm ,not cold ,not stark . Let’s take a look at [...]

11 03, 2019

How to choose ceiling medallions ?

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A ceiling medallion is an ornamental decorative feature, usually round in shape, that is used to dress up a ceiling. They were very popular features in middle- and upper-class homes in the 19th century, especially in Victorian-style homes. In those days, the medallions were made of wood, plaster.The styles were usually based on leaf or flower designs, although sometimes the medallions were simple plain discs. Today, ceiling medallions are still popular for large rooms in more stately homes and are [...]

8 08, 2018

How to install PP Faux Stone Panels ?

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Nowdays there are various types of exterior wall cladding in market , vinyl wall cladding , polyurethane wall panels , PP faux wall panels .  Vinyl Siding  Vinyl wall cladding is the most used and low cost exterior wall cladding . The texture looks more simple ,a very traditional wall cladding material .   Exterior used Polyurethane Stone Siding  Polyurethane materials stone siding is new exterior recently developed .  Polyurethane stone sding / Brick Panels capture the real stone or [...]

30 03, 2018

Concrete Look Wall Panel — idea choice for modern style decorating

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When we talk about modern decoration style , what idea or what kind of furnishing element come into your mind ? What are the typical characteristics of a modern space ? The following things should be at first consideration Moldings ,simple ,plain molding and also panels moldings of wall .  Structural elements (such as concrete or beams ) Clean and simplified things .  Natural texture ,like stone ,brick or wood looks Concrete looks is a very popular and important decoration [...]

1 03, 2018

What’s the best materials for home brick wall decoration ?

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Brick walls ,an combination of the past and the presents ,become more and more popular . White brick walls represent clean , modern architectural design , modify your house from an boring ,cold , normal glass and tiles interior to a warm , elegance and personality style . Old rustic brick walls express building’s history and long time . No matter what kind of brick texture you use ,we need to find a right brick material for your project . [...]