Stone panels are installed to exude class and sophistication, and they bring a level of elegance to almost any setting. The problem for many people is that real stone panels are expensive and difficult to install, but there is a simple solution – using a faux stone panel instead.

The Benefits of Faux Stone Panels

One of the main attractions of stone panels is the way they look. The craftsmanship involved in creating a stone wall or panel lends itself to a striking appearance. A faux stone panel is lightweight and easy to install, whereas real stone panels are often very heavy and notoriously difficult to install.

The end result and the appearance of both products is identical, but the faux wall panels cause a lot less stress during installation and are far more cost-effective too.

Beautiful Faux Wall Panels

In any room, be it in a residential property or a commercial building such as a restaurant, faux stone panels complete a high-class look that no other material can match. Perfectly contrasting open space and wooden features, stone wall panels give a rugged look that suggest power and strength.

Modern decor is often improved by the use of traditional materials, and so our panels provide a traditional look with the convenience of modern technology.

Simple to install

Faux stone panels are very easy to install. Far lighter than their stone counterparts, faux wall panels can be positioned easily and affixed to the wall with screws.

A whole wall can be completed by an individual with ease, whereas with real stone the procedure could be long and laborious with multiple people required to lift and position the panels – not to mention the difficulty in attaching them to the wall and ensuring that the wall and the required adhesive can support the weight.

With spotlights aimed at your new feature wall, the contours and lines of the faux panels will stand out, producing an effect that can only be matched by real stone panels.

Built to Last

Our faux wall panels can be installed on the interior or exterior of your building quickly and easily. Made from a high density polyurethane rigid foam and exterior grade paint ,reduplicate real stone texture or modified stone texture which is designed to a new look of stone , these panels look and feel just like stone and have no gaps that need to be filled, simply attach them to the wall and you’re done.

For a cost-effective solution that gives a total quality appearance, our faux stone panels are the perfect choice for your next project.

Now take a look at some stunning faux stone panels feature wall project made by our Murshroom Stone Panel ,Surface Stone Panels

murshroom stone panel tan 2
murhsroom stone panel Tan3