12 07, 2019

Covering House Foundation With Faux Stone Panels

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Do you want a better looking finish house foundation ? Instead original ugly ,exposed rough concrete foundation that surround the base of your house which caused by use of formed concrete or prefab walls . There are ways to update your unfinished rough concrete house foundation . Now let’s take a look at what ways you can do for covering house foundation. Option 1 : Simple Painting to cover house foundation The most easy and [...]

8 08, 2018

How to install PP Faux Stone Panels ?

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Nowdays there are various types of exterior wall cladding in market , vinyl wall cladding , polyurethane wall panels , PP faux wall panels .  Vinyl Siding  Vinyl wall cladding is the most used and low cost exterior wall cladding . The texture looks more simple ,a very traditional wall cladding material .   Exterior used Polyurethane Stone Siding  Polyurethane materials stone siding is new exterior recently developed .  Polyurethane stone sding / Brick Panels capture the real stone or [...]