25 04, 2019

Build feature walls with faux stone panels

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Stone panels are installed to exude class and sophistication, and they bring a level of elegance to almost any setting. The problem for many people is that real stone panels are expensive and difficult to install, but there is a simple solution – using a faux stone panel instead. The Benefits of Faux Stone Panels One of the main attractions of stone panels is the way they look. The craftsmanship involved in creating a stone wall or panel lends [...]

18 04, 2019

White Feature Stone Wall

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White stone feature wall --an modern , contemporary ,refresh stylish feature wall One of the challenges of home decoration is designing a contemporary/modern  style for overall ,also need some difference to light it up . Modern interior design follow a concept of minimalism ,balance and clean lines, such as wash white color wall , simple ,clean straight skirting and plain smooth trim molding ,all elements looks warm ,not cold ,not stark . Let’s take a look at [...]

30 03, 2018

Concrete Look Wall Panel — idea choice for modern style decorating

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When we talk about modern decoration style , what idea or what kind of furnishing element come into your mind ? What are the typical characteristics of a modern space ? The following things should be at first consideration Moldings ,simple ,plain molding and also panels moldings of wall .  Structural elements (such as concrete or beams ) Clean and simplified things .  Natural texture ,like stone ,brick or wood looks Concrete looks is a very popular and important decoration [...]

1 03, 2018

What’s the best materials for home brick wall decoration ?

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Brick walls ,an combination of the past and the presents ,become more and more popular . White brick walls represent clean , modern architectural design , modify your house from an boring ,cold , normal glass and tiles interior to a warm , elegance and personality style . Old rustic brick walls express building’s history and long time . No matter what kind of brick texture you use ,we need to find a right brick material for your project . [...]