15 02, 2020

How to Cut An 90 Degree Crown Molding Corner

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Installing a crown molding is a easy and low cost way to make room look more elegant and refined.It make your room feel less boxy and bland , best of all ,it can increase the value of your apartment . If you are ready to transform your home with crown moldings and you are not a professional contractor or woodworker , you may need our tips that how to cut a 90 degree crown molding corner , inside corner [...]

31 05, 2019

How To Paint Cornice Moulding & Coving

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When painting coving & cornice moulding it is vital to not forget that the approach that you desire is based upon the material it is created out of.  By way of instance a few coving & cornice materials like extruded polystyrene are extremely absorbent, therefore will be needing a pair of coats of paint to have yourself a wonderful finish.  Materials like paper plaster will require less paint but need do a pre-prime firstly . New Polymer-based polyurethane cornice moldings [...]

15 05, 2019

How to install stone wall

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Tools need for installation Myfull Decor Faux Stone Panels Screws Screw Driver Caulking gun Hack Saw Measuring tap Painters tap Pencil Touch Paint ( If need) Protective Gear Myfull Decor Faux Stone Panels are a polyurethane materials molded fake stone paneling which has a defined stone textures same as real stone ,look and feels no different from real stone ,but are extremely much better performed in product weight , installation methods . Myfull Decor stone panel comes in 48” [...]