March 2019

How to choose ceiling medallions ?

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A ceiling medallion is an ornamental decorative feature, usually round in shape, that is used to dress up a ceiling. They were very popular features in middle- and upper-class homes in the 19th century, especially in Victorian-style homes. In those days, the medallions were made of wood, plaster.The styles were usually based on leaf or [...]

August 2018

How to install PP Faux Stone Panels ?

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Nowdays there are various typles of exterior wall caldding in market , vinly wall cladding , polyurethane wall panels , PP faux wall panels .  Vinly Siding  Vinly wall caldding is the most used and low cost exterior wall cladding . The texture looks more simple ,a very traditional wall cladding material .   [...]

March 2018

What’s the best materials for home brick wall decoration ?

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Brick walls ,an combination of the past and the presents ,become more and more popular . White brick walls represent clean , modern architectural design , modify your house from an boring ,cold , normal glass and tiles interior to a warm , elegance and personality style . Old rustic brick walls express building’s history [...]

January 2018