When we talk about modern decoration style , what idea or what kind of furnishing element come into your mind ? What are the typical characteristics of a modern space ? The following things should be at first consideration

  • Moldings ,simple ,plain molding and also panels moldings of wall .
  •  Structural elements (such as concrete or beams )
  • Clean and simplified things .
  •  Natural texture ,like stone ,brick or wood looks

Concrete looks is a very popular and important decoration way to be modern style. But we cant just leave the real concrete wall exposed in home even sometimes few commercial space do this ,for most of people , we still have to paint or decorate our home. So the faux concrete wall panels will be a very good choice . Myfull Decor Faux concrete wall panels are molded from polyurethane which reduplicate every details of real concrete texture ,but with a very light weight panel design . You do not need worry the wall base problem ,even without a wall , a simple frame still could become a concrete look.


Do not forgot to try this new concrete wall panel when you want a modern space

concrete wall panels