Do you want a better looking finish house foundation ? Instead original ugly ,exposed rough concrete foundation that surround the base of your house which caused by use of formed concrete or prefab walls . There are ways to update your unfinished rough concrete house foundation . Now let’s take a look at what ways you can do for covering house foundation.

The most easy and low cost of covering your house foundation is painting a simple coat .Please be sure that clean all cracked or peeling on the surface before applying a new coat . It is simple but just a small improvement.

stucco house foundation

Stucco maybe a little bit outdated ,but it’s still an option . Applying a layer of stucco is a labor cost work and also need foundation to be prepared . It need some patience and skills and not a cost saving way.

Use a house foundation covering panels to improve your home . Stone cladding is a nice try to refresh house foundation . Some of the company may use manufactured stone or called cast stone , culture stone ,which is made of heavy concrete mix . They claim that these stone cladding is lighter than real stone ,but it is still too heavy . You have to hire a professional to apply these stone veneer .

If you want to do it by yourself ,but without skills , use our light weight polyurethane faux stone panels . This material is light weight ,only 4 kgs per square meter and can be cut by common jaw like wood panels . Using faux stone rock or faux stone panel will remove the constant need to fix peeling and dark moldy spots . Normally less than 2 inches thickness help them to intergrate well with siding materials above the foundation level .

As you know , concrete is one of the worst insulating materials and it transmits the outside temperature to inside .That is why we feel basement is so cool . Using a layer of polyurethane faux stone panel as house foundation covering panel,that made of the high density polyurethane rigid foam ,provide an R 4.5 insulation factor ,will help you save energy cost for a long term . Myfull decor polyurethane faux stone and faux brick panelling provide more than just a good finishing look foundation for your house ,but also a DIY easy way with cost saving .Our faux stone sidings looks exact same as real stone since it duplicate the real stone texture with silicon mold and several coat of hand painting . Do remember one of the most important advantage is labor saving . To see how easily it install ,please visit our install page to see our installation instruction video .

If your house is a mobile home or raised home with a open space below the foundation ,there is a very simple solution with our faux stone panels . House skirting with panels of stone .What you need to do is gluing or screwing the faux stone sidings on a simple vertical strip frame . Then you will get a stone looking wall .

covering house foundation