Flexible baseboard molding as well know as ” flex baseboard molding ” ” flex base molding ” or ” flex trim ” , is a water resistant ,durable ,insect resistant materials ideally used for installing baseboard molding in curved or unusually shape wall in your home . Flexible baseboard molding is made out of polyurethane resin which allow it to be bent like a belt without breaking . Polyurethane flexible baseboard molding products offers a cost effective solution for projects which wood baseboard molding or HDPS baseboard molding is too stricky  to install . Polyurethane flexible mouldings cuts like wood ,but it cost less than making a radius wood millwork and has a long life time than wood ,especially under humid area.

  • Flexible baseboard molding bends like a belt ,achieve minium radius 6 inches or greater.

Flexible polyurethane materials looks and feels more like a soft rubber . With such compound polyurethane materials , flexible baseboard could be bent at minium radius 6 inches without breaking . It can not be too soft because that there is a very thin pvc film on the surface of flexible baseboard which allow baseboard moldings to be painted and stain easier . If flexible skirting is too soft , molding surface or edge area will be covered with wrinkles

  • Impervious to moisture and insects and wont rot or mold.

Polyurethane is a closed cell structure material that stops the water permeating and stands a test of time.

  • Easy to install using ordinary woodworking tools

What tools you need to cut flexible baseboard molding are the common woodworking gears sleeping in your tool box.  Even you do not have such woodworking tools , if you have a knife , it will works for flexible moldings . Just remember that always wear protective gloves and glass when you start cutting and installing .

  • Can be adhered using a premium polyurethane construction adhesive

To be sure your flexible molding fix in place ,apply some construction adhesive (polyurethane adhesive is recommended ) to the back.  Apply the adhesive smoothly and in a regular ,wave like pattern . This will bond the moldings to the wall very tightly , and also help you to nail the flexible moldings into place on your own.

  • Can be painted with any high quality acylic latex or oil-based paint

Flexible molding is primed in factory and ready to any paint. Apply stain as your desired after moldings fixed . Be sure filling the nails holes and different sections of moldings line up seamlessly before stain or apply new color on baseboard . A coat of paint and you’ve yourself a beautiful detail molding for your room.

Flexible Baseboard Molding