Nowdays there are various types of exterior wall cladding in market , vinyl wall cladding , polyurethane wall panels , PP faux wall panels . 

Vinyl Siding 

Vinyl wall cladding is the most used and low cost exterior wall cladding . The texture looks more simple ,a very traditional wall cladding material .


Exterior used Polyurethane Stone Siding 

Polyurethane materials stone siding is new exterior recently developed .  Polyurethane stone sding / Brick Panels capture the real stone or brick texture , all hand made color make the exterior panels real as real stone or brick . Polyurethane exterior wall cladding is more expensive than vinly siding and PP Exterior Wall cladding .

polyurethane stone siding

PP Exterior Wall Cladding 

PP exterior wall cladding is available in stone pattern , brick pattern design.  PP Materials Decoration panesl give your hosue a stone or brick looks without using real stone or brick ,but in low cost .

This installation of decoration panels is very easy , just need screw . They can be easily installed on walls of different structures .

Vida stone panel VD2-109


Now let take a look how to install PP Wall Cladding step by step 

Install the exterior corner or J channel first.

When using the exterior corner allow 10mm off the floor or fllow a level horizontal line along the wall and find the highest point and the allow 10mm from  that point and work back to the corner .This can be achieved by using a string line level to mark the perfect horizontal .

Note this line is crucial to the outcome of a perfect level wall .

Fasten the exterior corner in the lugs provided .

Fasten the start strip to your service leaving a 3 to 5 mm space between  the starter strip and exterior corner fastening ponit . When using J channel leave a 20mm spacing between the starter strip and follow  the horizon line . Fasten start strip and J channel in a approximately 300 mm intervals

PP Wall Cladding Install 1


Install Panels on start strip 

Determine the amount of panels you will need for the wall by measuringthe total length and height . Dividing by 1000mm for the length and 450mm for the height  ( see your panel specification) remembering to deduct the exterior corner size .

Starting from the left to right , start your first run with your cut panel placing it into the start strip and sliding it left flush with exterior corner .

Remember to checkyour levels and panesl laps regularly .

PP Wall Cladding Install 2 PP Wall Cladding Install 3


Ensuring the panels are level and clipped to start strip properly , fasten each panels as you work using a min of 5 fasterners for each full panels . Fasten the panel back using the slots outs making sure the head of screw or nails does not bukle the top edage of the panels .

Note : Check spacing on each panel jonit to keep the space consistent .Line up each joints . Installation is easier by elevating the right side of the panel slightly ensuring all the lapping fingers are properly engaged .

PP Wall Cladding Install 4 PP Wall Cladding Isntall 5



Now take a look a final looking 


PP Wall Cladding finished (2)


PP Wall Cladding finished (1)