Tools need for installation

  1. Myfull Decor Faux Stone Panels
  2. Screws
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Caulking gun
  5. Hack Saw
  6. Measuring tap
  7. Painters tap
  8. Pencil
  9. Touch Paint ( If need)
  10. Protective Gear

Myfull Decor Faux Stone Panels are a polyurethane materials molded fake stone paneling which has a defined stone textures same as real stone ,look and feels no different from real stone ,but are extremely much better performed in product weight , installation methods . Myfull Decor stone panel comes in 48” x 12” ,only 0.88 lbs per square foot , 1/20 of nature stone siding ,1/10 other manufactured stone veneer . Installing polyurethane faux stone panel is easy thing .Now let’s take a look how to install stone wall .

Step 1 Taking necessary precautions

Be remember that always wear protective gloves and glass when using a saw to cut a panel.

Step 2 Measuring your wall and calculating quantity of panels needed

Before any purchasing , we should know the wall dimension . Use measuring taps to line up the wall vertically and horizontally . Please note that you need buy more than you need in theory because there will be a waste when cutting panel to achieve a good texture layout or stone panels damage during install and need to be replaced . The suggest extra purchase is 10% at least .

 Step 3 Installing start strip

The start strip materials could be metal or pvc . PVC starter strip is more common ,you can purchase these at most of local store or online . Put the starter strip on the bottom of wall ,making sure top of start strip on the 4” higher line from base and place screws through the start strip into substrade every 16” . Be sure to leave room for corner if you want to install a corner piece .

Step 4 Cut the panels and install first row

Cut the panels in half with saw . Starting from the left , place the straight cutting side of panel on the left side of wall and screw the panels into the wall . Lay the second panel and fix the panels with screws on the joints .

how to install stone wall

Step 4 Attaching the second run

Slide the panels down over the bottom row tongue and screw in place as before . Please note always check if the panels are horizontal with a level during each row installation .

Step 5 Adding a ledger on the top

The ledger piece make an idea transition to other materials .It can be placed on top row as a good finishing look .

Adding Ledger

Follow the “ How to install stone wall “ tour , you can install the stone wall by yourself with simple tools in short time . To make installation go smooth with professional results ,myfull decor faux stone panels provide below accessories

  1.  left and right outside corner
  2. stone look ledger to complete top row
  3. window and door trim molding
  4. PVC start strip
myfulldecor faux stone