Brick walls ,an combination of the past and the presents ,become more and more popular . White brick walls represent clean , modern architectural design , modify your house from an boring ,cold , normal glass and tiles interior to a warm , elegance and personality style . Old rustic brick walls express building’s history and long time .

No matter what kind of brick texture you use ,we need to find a right brick material for your project . There are several main materials available in market to create a brick look .

Polyurethane Brick Panel

Use real brick to make a mold , reduplicate every details of real brick , even tiny ones . Polyurethane brick panel is real 3D look , same texture as real brick . Even touch it , you still cant believe it is not real brick .

Molded from high density polyurethane foam , each polyurethane brick panel is light weight , only 4 kgs per square meter. Cast polyurethane brick panel can be installed by glue or nails . Every one can handle the installation by himself .No need skills , No mess .

Polyurethane brick panel has closed cell instruction , water proof , No crack , No rot .

Polyurethane brick panel is easy to clean with wet cloth . That is very low cost to keep your home wall clean .

Faux Brick Panel Polyurethane brick panel Faux Brick Panel brick panel


Real Brick / traditional culture brick veneer

Real bricks are mainly used as construction material for building . You also can use real brick built a wall in house . It take time and need professionals .

Traditional culture bricks are made of some fiber compounds with sand ,dust ect . Both real brick and culture bricks are very heavy . It produce mess when you install them . Also professional installer is very necessary . In some countries , the professionals are very expensive .



Brick Texture Wall Paper

Now wall paper also can be brick look. They are easy to install ,but wallpaper is 2D , looks fake .Wall paper will be rot understand humid condition . We saw many wallpaper only works half year and cant be repair . What you can do is get rid of all wallpaper and re-decorate the wall again .

3D PE foam Brick Panel sticker

Brick Panel sticker is easy to install . PE foam brick sticker looks fake , not so real because the production skills . We cant fix the joints ,only can left a visible line for each row .


Now it is your time to you to make a final decision .Polyurethane Brick Panel, Real Bricks , Traditional culture brick , Wallpaper ,PE Foam Brick Sticker , Which one is your choice ?