Together with my experience designing heaps of residential or commercial interior spaces, I utilize baseboards for a basic function. As there are lots of kinds and types of baseboards, I would like to share with you my favorite baseboard moulding styles, based upon the style and design of one’s space.

Baseboards works as below three functions :

  • As a transitional piece between your floor and the walls
  • Protect the wall from damage caused by scratch, high- heel shore knocking, furniture beating etc
  • As a decorative moulding

whenever deciding upon any molding, it is vital to look at the appearance and taste of your space. Not only in case of the molding you select to fit your taste, but it also needs to fit the type of your residence. This is the reason why I have categorized my favorite moldings by way of style

Rectangular Baseboard Molding

Modern or transitional: Rectangular Baseboard Moulding Styles

Typically it is about 2-1/2” to 5” high rectangular baseboard molding. Materials can be solid wood, MDF, HDPS or Polyurethane. HDPS rectangular baseboard molding is on my priority list. This baseboard molding can be painted or provided by faux wood grain finish in factory and suits for almost any space. That is why I love to use it for most interior spaces.

Rectangular Baseboard with a channel on the top area

With a “ channel “above, anther option of rectangular base molding I frequently use for modern style is shown as  image . This kind of base molding supplies a new looking of rectangular baseboard . It is available size from 3” to 8” .

Colonial Baseboard

Transitional or Traditional: Decorative baseboard Moulding Styles

I would like to suggest you use classic colonial baseboard molding for traditional styles interior or as a transitional decorative piece. There is a decorative “ S “ shape profile on top which provides grace and attractive proportions. The “ s” decorative is not always the same , more revise or modified version available to rich colonial baseboard family.

High Ceiling or Extra ordinary people: 7” to 12” tall rectangular baseboard moulding styles

For some high ceilings modern space, a taller baseboard with regular rectangular shape will be a nice choice of adding elegance to your space . 9” and 12” HDPS material baseboard fit it well and all these HDPS baseboard moldings are pre-primed in factory and also can be painted or have a stained faux wood grain color . Near 40 wood grain finishes definitely meet your needs.

Most people are happy to have a good card, someone want to live large . Most people like to trek in their neighborhood, someone however wants to more adventure. Most people are content with the regular baseboard, someone wants to something more. If you are not satisfied with ordinary, try extra large high baseboard molding.

Tall Rectangular Baseboard