Faux Concrete Panels

You can have a artificial concrete look wall without all the hard work. Enhance the interior of your home or business with Myfull Decor faux concrete wall panels . These light weight faux concrete wall panels can be cut with daliy use woodworking toos and it is just a one person job that most of people can handle it ,no need prefessional skills . Myfull Decor faux concrete wall panels come in two styles , Polished faux concrete wall panesl & Rough texture faux concrete wall panels ,which are two mainly concrete looks widely used in home interior . Polished faux concrete look is modified concrete look which combine smooth clean lines and finished look of concrete . Rough faux concrete panels offer a Random un grinding concrete texture and two rough concrete panels as a set to avoid repeat when install for a large area .
Myfull decor faux concrete panles furnish a authentic look of real poured concrete with affortable price ,easy install menthod and short working time . Just cutting &scewing ,you will get  a concrete feature wall on your own within one day .
Polished Concrete Wall Panels