LED Crown Molding Collection

Most typles of cornice profiles are designed and installed with goal of softening the join between wall and ceiling . However , indirect lighting cornice moulding has become more and more puplar as  an alternative or additional way of lighting a space in recent years .  Fitted low energy led strip or led bar are put into the trough to offer directional upward lighting throughout the ceiling ,making a really distinctive effective and a beautiful ambient mood in a space . It is uplighting cornice . Some of indirect lighting crown molding or coving also supply a downwards light effects and we call them ” downlights ” crown molding .
Myfull Decor LED crown molding collection include uplighting cornice , down lighting cornice , wall lighiting cornice . Some of lighting cornice like DX-6013/DX-6012  coving only can be uplight cornice or uplighting coving . Like DX-6010/DX-6014/DX-6015 cornice profiles, they combine two functions of uplighting and down lighting ,providing more choices with single cornice moulding . If you want a ligting on  the wall , use two of DX-6010 or DX-6010+DX-6011 as wall lighting. More LED crown molding inspiration ,please see our lighting cornice profile details .
Our LED crown molding are made of high density polyurethane which a high strength and high quality materials ,much better than polystryrene -xps LED light coving . Polyurethane LED crown molding is humidity resistant , insect resistant , No crack , No rot . We are not only supplying existing crown molding lighting profiles ,also accept customized order according to drawing or sample