Flexible Molding is a cost effective and easy way for carved wall ,arch windows and arch door area. Our flexible moldings are polyurethane material,the most common seen on the market named “ flexible polyurethane molding” . Our flexible polyurethane collection share with same molds with standard rigid polyurethane architectural molding and therefore we have full range of flexible moldings for various shape of architectural moldings.

The flexible moulding can be cut and stained . After installation ,it will looks as same as wood moldings and ready for any type of DIY paint . Now take a look at our wide range ,various types of flexible polyurethane moulding.

  1. Flexible Crown Molding include plain crown molding and ornate crown molding .
  2. Flexible Cove Moulding from 3”to 7” face size .
  3. Flexible Corner Molding
  4. Flexible Casing & chair rail molding
  5. Flexible Door trim and window trim molding
  6. Flexible Base molding , baseboard or skirting board: From Classic colonial baseboards to Modern steps baseboard . From standard 4”baseboards to 6 1/4” baseboards .

We also accept customized flexible mouldings for large quantity order per your samples or drawings. Welcome to contact us to get more flexible options .