Myfull Decor cornice mouldings and crown moldings ,are the Top manufacturer of polyurethane architectural moldings and has been producing polyurethane decorative cornice mouldings for more than 10 years . As a pioneer of polyurethane crown moldings in china ,Myfull Decor aim to supply high quality decorative mouldings products with competitive prices and earn a good reputation from oversea clients through our enduring efforts .

Myfull Decor cornice mouldings crown moldings offers vast profiles selection to choose from plain panel mouldings to carving ,combined cornice styles , 2” small size to 20” large size ,classic Greece Ovolo one carve forming in profile to modern steps designs ,functional supporting to decorative ornaments . Myfull Decor crown moldings ,often known as mouldings in North American and coving in Europe ,are made from high density rigid polyurethane foam that is featured of duplicating sharply clear details ,moisture resistant and insect resistant . Extremely light weight ,easy to install with standard woodworker tools,minimal do-it-yourself skills, Myfull Decor cornice mouldings are primed in factory and ready to paint any color by yourself at home .Close cell structure polyurethane foam allows Myfull decor cornice mouldings has a perfect performance on humid area, no crack ,no rot ,long last life . With many advantages as well as large selection, Myfull Decor polyurethane crown moldings are definitely a ideal decorative moulding selection in your next project.