Baseboard trim is an elegant way to protect your walls from damage while increasing the value of your home. We manufacture more than 100 profiles of baseboard with HDPS materials . Our HDPS baseboard or call skirting board moldings are durable ,water resistant ,insect resistant and can be paint or stained . There  are 40 faux grain wood finish available for our baseboard molding and almost include most of hot sell wood color in the market ,long time , cost effective than wood baseboard molding ,but same realistic as real wood texture and install just like wood & MDF .
Our polyurethane flexible baseboard molding line offers a easy solution for curved wall or wave wall .  Flexible baseboard molding size is available in 3″ , 4″ ,5″ and even 6″ .  Customized flexible baseboard molding order is accept for large quantity .