Project Description

Bark Siding
Poplar Grey Bark Siding
Timber Brown Bark Siding
Bark Siding is a unique and natural look alternative to other common, outdated or synthetic home sidings. Whether you want your house to stand out from other homes, bark sidings provide unrivaled elegance, styles, durability and a rustic, charm that is all it’s own. Home can be fully clad with bar siding or it can be added as one of a kind of accent to your house -even on the inside.
Myfull Decor engineered bark sidings, not natural bark sidings, are new materials of bark sidings which save estimated install cost of $2 per sq.ft and save time and money but with same realistic natural bark look. Myfull Decor engineered bark sidings are weather resistant and they are easy to install and no bug treatment or special moisture barrier needed. All bark sidings are washable and paintable. You can do some customized color by yourself.   With high R value , Myfull Decor bark siding saves energy cost year after year. The specification of artificial bark siding is followed as below :
  • Size :      20″ x 8″ x 1-3/8″
  • Color :  Time Brown & Poplar Grey

How to Install Myfull Decor Artificial Bark Sidings?

  1.  Begin installation with a full panel at the bottom, far left of the wall
  2. Fasten bark shake with screws through the indentations on the hidden attachment flange. There will be two indentations on the top flange and three on the right flange.
  3. Continue fastening across the row fitting each bark siding tight against siding to the left.
  4. At the beginning and the end of each course and at the bottom of starting courses, fasten the siding with 2 to 3 additional screws through the face, in the valley of the bark pattern, as needed to achieve a tight fit against the wall.
  5. Strike a chalk line to check that your course is level and begin installing the second course of bark siding from the far left, beginning with a partial bark siding. Be careful to stagger seams between sidings so they do not line up with course below.
  6. Continue with additional courses as necessary. Each course should fit tightly into the course below.
  7. Caulk course ends as necessary for a wearther tight fit.
Bark Siding Install
Because tilt and the hidden attachment flange are built into each siding, it is important to cut siding in a manner that preserves the overall integrity of the siding.If a cutout must be made, the right side of the siding should be cut away, preserving the left side of the siding to be tightly fit against the previously installed siding.
Both inside corners and outside corners require careful consideration to ensure an attractive, wear-tight finish. Corners can be boxed out in standard , wood trim pieces or siding can be mitered to make a trim-less or bark installation and caulk the joints between the bark and trim when the installation is complete. If mitering for a trim-less or wrapped corner, alternate from which wall the bark fully extends to the corner. Make sure all corners are weather tight.

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