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baseboard corner blocks
Baseboard Corner Blocks
A baseboard molding ,also called skirting board , skirting ,floor molding or base molding , is a covering strip between wall and floor and protects walls from damages ,abrasions ,and also is used for decorative elements to value your home.
Installing baseboard is not a complicate thing , nailed ,screwed or glued to the wall . There will be a skilled need when baseboard meet wall corners , inside corner and exterior corner .  A miter cutting and chaulking is need to reach a perfect smooth corner surface .
Myfull Decor Baseboard corner blocks are molded corner piece . Installing with baseboard corner  , you do not need any extra miter cutting and joints repairing .  Our baseboard corner blocks are perfect matchting our baseboard molding profiles from pattern and color finishing  . Each different baseboard profile has its own corner blocks , interior corner & exterior corner .  Please select baseboard firstly and then ask a extra inquiry about baseboard corner blocks to match choosed baseboard molding . Our Baseboard corner blocks use the same materials as baseboard molding .They are water proof , insect resistant , white color or faux wood finish  and have a long life time .

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