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Baseboard Lighting 1159
Baseboard Lighting 1159

LED Baseboard Lighting 1159

Item 1159 baseboard lighting moulding is a hot sale LED skirting moulding that has a 2 wire channel behind  and allow the wire go through the skirting moulding without any invisible line . A coving look profile on the top , working with LED trip , this baseboard lighting moulding bring a unique baseboard looking . Using adhsive LED strip, stick it to baseboard moulding , a beautiful skirting lighting completed .

1159 LED baseboard lighting moulding,also called LED skirting board, is made of  HDPS material which is strong ,durable and easy to install . LED skirting profile can be length in 2 meter , 2.2 meter , 2.4 meter or 2.85 meter long .

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