Project Description

Cornice Moulding 1018
Product Cornices Moulding
Breath96 mm
Wall85 mm
Ceiling54 mm
Length2400 mm
StyleCarving Cornice Moulding

Polyurethane Cornice Mouldings DKA-1018

We offer a huge range of cornice mouldings designs and sizes for the discerning home owner, and Our Mouldings are the preferred coving and cornice for Premium Homes, Hotels & Restaurant refurbishment.

Manufactured in state of the art steel moulds which produce superb definition ,each design of coving and cornice molding is factory painted with a primer coat, ready for your final top coat of paint. Unlike plaster coving or cornice, paint is not drawn into the surface, reducing the number of coats required.

  •  Excellent light weight alternative to GFRG, GFRC, FRP, and even traditional wood products.
  •  Myfull Decor products offer ease of installation using common woodworking tools and equipment which in turn save labour costs and machinery rentals.
  • Myfull Decor Dentil Crown Molding has a closed cell structure which provides protection from moisture and therefore will not rot. Further, the closed cell structure prevents paint from peeling from the surface.
  • Myfull Decor products provide no nutritional value and as such also resist the growth of mildew and fungus.
  •  Myfull Decor polyurethane products will not crack or warp when properly installed using installation instructions
  •  Myfull Decor  polyurethane products are not affected by ultraviolet rays when properly coated

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Does our business searching for a supplier of high quality polyurethane decorative millwork products ? Myfull Decor is a manufacturer of polyurethane decorative millwork products such as cornice moulding , moldings , panel molding , ceiling medallion ,corbel , pillars , roman columns , wall panels and more .

If you purchase from us , we offer many additional convenient service ,all of which cant be easily provided by other PU Mouldings suppliers