Project Description

Product crown molding with led lights
Breath180 mm
Wall45 mm
Ceiling180 mm
Length2400 mm
Stylecrown molding with led lights

Myfull Decor Crown Moldings with Led lights DX-6015

Crown Moldings with led light DX-6015 is a profile which is designed used in 4 ways as below

  1. wall 180mm , ceiling 45mm , led light comes out from top and bottom size
  2. wall 180mm , ceiling 45mm , led light comes out from bottom . Top is sealed with ceiling .
  3. wall 45mm,  ceiling 180mm , Led lights comes out from both size : top and bottom
  4. wall 45mm , ceiling 180mm , Led lights comes out from the bottom .
crown molding with led lights

Both 4 ways installation brings modern , contempary look to your home . Adding led lighting effects is the most easy and cheap solution to enhance design elements . DX-6015 crown molding with led lights is created for that . Place rope led into the mold back , screw or glue the moldings on the wall or ceiling , you can refresh your room quickly and with less cost .

Myfull Decor architectural moldings are :

  • light weight
  • easy install by glue or screw
  • Water proof
  • No crack , No rat , insect resistance
  • Primed in factory
  • Rigid and flexible , two version

Myfull Decor cornice molding install video 

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