Project Description

Rough Concrete Wall Panel CBD3000 Light Grey
Rough Concrete Wall Panel CBD3000-1 Light Grey (1)
Product Polyurethane Faux Rough Concrete panels
Overall Size1200 x 600 x 30 mm
Coverage Size :1200 x 600 x 30 mm
StyleFaux Concrete Wall Panel

Myfull Decor Polyurethane Faux Rought Concrete Panels CBD 3000

CBD 3000 series faux rough concrete panels are molded from rigid polyurethane foam . We use the modified ,modern design real concrete texture as pattern , make a mold to produce light weight polyurethane faux concrete panels . CBD 3000 capture the all details of real concrete by using polyurethane foam materials . It only bring beauty to your home ,but also a very safe material . You do not need to worry it fall when earthquake happened .It could be installed on wall strongly by screw , no crack , no rot , no fall down .

Rough Concrete Wall Panel CBD 3000 consist of  TWO rough concrete texture . Place one of 3001 concrete texture panel next to 3000-1 concrete texture wall panel when install rough concrete wall panel on  the wall . Two different concrete texture mixed arrangement will get rid of the possibility of repeat pattern look and let our concrete feature wall looks more nature .

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Rough Concrete Wall Panel finish1
Rough Concrete Wall Panel finish

Rough Concrete Wall Panel CBD3000

Rough Concrete Wall Panel CBD3000 Light Grey

Rough Concrete Wall Panel CBD3000-1