Project Description

Product Fiberglass Tile Ledge Stone Panel
Overal Size285 x 130 cm
Coverage Size :285 x 130 cm
StyleSlate Stone Panel
ColorWhite / Natural /Slit/GREY/Classic Brown/Glory Grey/Sand stone/Toffee

Fiberglass Tile Ledge  Stone Panels GW04

GW04 classic tile ledge Stone Panels are made of composite materials include polyester ,fiberglass and the top surface stone power. Fiberglass is needed for the strength.

The tile ledge Stone Panels GW04 are manufactured in big silicon molds of 330 x 130 cm and a fully automatic production . The surface color is man made with stone power. Large dimension panel allow less than joins and fast install than other light weight faux ledge stone panel .

The main use  is for interior application as well as outside decoration . The light weight is big advantage in the construction and it is recresible because we screw it to the wall instead of gluing them .

The panels are joint or fit together with a mastic and some spray colors which delivered along with materials by the supplier .

What are the benefits of Fiberglass Tile Stone Panel GW04 ?

Light Weight :

Approximate weight  5/6 kgs Per M2

Weather Resistance

  • Water and weather proof

Fire Proof 

Easy Assembly

  • Easy cut and drilled on site
  • Can on install on any surface
  • Perfect hidden joints
  • No cement works needed
  • No Construction permits request

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How to Install Fiberglass Stone Panels ?

  • Keep the panels in Horizontal Position during their storage to avoid the material to bend . Uppack them 48 hrs before installation.
  • Measure the surface where the installation will be made and count the panels to cut .
  • Cut the Panels on the back using a Fretsaw with an special blade for fiber or a radial saw with a diamond disk. When making the cut try to keep the continutity .
  • Put the panel on the surface and drill with a 6mm bit . Always drill in the joints between the stones ,never in the stones.
  • Fix the panels using screws with incorporated plugs. Each panel need at least 15-20 screws.
  • Prepare the Mastic : 1 KGS mastic = 2% Accelerator
  • Using a laurel shape spatula ,apply the mastic on the joints or in the bricks to rebuild them . Also hide screw heads with mastic .
  • With a pencil give the texture to the mastic with light touches (not brush -strokes) . Remove the excess of mastic ( clean continuously the pencil with acetone ).
  • Once the mastic is totally dry ,prepare the colour dioxide shaking it to get an uniform mix .Put a little quantity of dioxide in another recipient shaking  constantly and close the original tin to advoid its evaportation .
  •  Paint the bricks and stones with the proper colours according to each panel .Drain the brush in a rag to avoid dropping .
  • With the aim of integrating colours perfectly rub the surface lightly with a rag