Project Description

Hardboard Faux Brick Panelling wall panels 4 x 8 ‘ 

Hardboard faux brick panelling / wall panels are made of MDF or HDF per customer request ,  the thickness is from 3 mm – 6mm .  Hardboard faux brick panelling is large size panelling with size of  4 x 8 ‘ ( 2440 x 1220 mm) ,but with very affordable price of  17 usd per panel , only 0.53 usd /sq.ft .
Hardbaord faux brick panel is an easy install ,rapid install faux brick sheet . Just screw the brick panelling on the wall . With hardboard faux brick panelling , you can easy bring brick texture to home and dress your wall at affordable price .
Add realsitic accents of brick and stone to your homes with Myfull Hardboard faux panels . These panels feature warm looks coupled with large and varied stone /brick texture to produce in your home a sense of brick / stone looks without a cost of installing real stone or brick . Add a panel or two panel and creat a new focial piont in the room of your choice or finish an entire space . These hardboard faux panels can also be cut down and applied as a wainscot for a stylish and functional border .
  • Look and feel of real brick
  • Easily clean with soap and water
  • Easy install by glue or nails
  • Affordable price
  • Could be painted again by yourself
  • Large size panel
  • Low cost

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