Project Description

308 Coffee Ledge Stone Panel 副本
308 Coffee Stone Panel Corner 副本
Product Polyurethane Ledge Stone Panel
Overal Size1220 x 320 mm
Coverage Size :1200 x 300 mm
StyleLedge Stone Panel
Weight1.7 kgs per panel
MaterialsHigh Density Polyurethane Foam


Measuring 48″ wide and 12″ tall , Myfull Decor 308 Coffee Stone Panel / Stone Siding features a 1″ shiplap edge along the top and right side of siding making attaching the next stone panel / stone siding seamless . Each Stone siding is manufactured from real stone into 4 different molds to get rid of repeatition .

As a DIY friendely stone panels , you can install our stacked stone panels with normal saw in common tool box , no need specifical tools . Every one can do install works without training and the whole install process is very clean , no mess , no masson . Easy install stacked stone let you finish your wall wthin very short time which help you save time and let shop back to open very soon .

308 Coffee Stone Panels are light weight stone panels , they are only 1/10 weight of real stone and other stone veneer . You sell it online and deliver by express company with a afforable shipping price .

  • Easy install by glue or screw
  • Light weight material , only 1/10 weight of other stone panel
  • Realistic
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Low cost maintenance 

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How to Install Faux Stacked Stone Panels ?

1 Level and color up the wall horizontally 

2 Put the start strip on the bottom of the wall

3 Install the first stacked stone panel from the left bottom of wall 

4 Lay the stone panels down to up , left to right ,fix the stone panels with screws on the joints

5 Check if the stone panels are horizontal with a level during installation

Adding Ledger

6 Keep on installing the panels , corner and top lines.

how to install stone wall

7 Cut the stone panels with a saw if necessary 

8 Drill the screw through the center of jonits to the wall 

Upper Stone panels are interlock with lower panels and screws are invisible 

Stone Panels Packing