Project Description

Product Stacked Stone Outside Corner
Overal Size60 x 45 x45 cm
Coverage Size :60 x 45 x 45 cm
StyleOutside Corner
ColorMulti Color


Myfull Decor PU stacked Stone Panel Corner is an outside corner which match CA series light weight PU stacked Stone Panels . Stacked Stone Corner are not exactly same designs as Stone Panels texture ,it will looks more nature after installation with Stone Panels .

PU Stacked Stone Panels are made of composite polyurethane , capture the real stacked stone texture ,but extremely light weight . It looks so real , even in front of PU stacked Stone Panels , you are still not able to find out it is fake stone .

Light weight PU stacked stone panel allows everyone can do this job at home by himself ,even a girl . Each square meter PU stacked Stone only weight 4 or 5 kgs

PU stacked stone panel is whole piece panel , screw install method , you do not worry about mess ,dirty . All process are much cleaner and fast . All installation jobs could be done with hours


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