Project Description

stacked stone panel 310 classic color
stacked stone panel 310 classic color detail
Product Polyurethane Faux Stacked Stone Panel
Overal Size1200 x 300 x 45 mm
Coverage Size :1200 x 300 x 45mm
StyleStacked Stone Panel
Weight1.5 kgs per panel
MaterialsHigh Density Polyurethane Foam

Faux Stacked Stone Panel 310 Classic Color

One of the classic stacked stone panel designs with most popular color , it is a perfect chose when you need a  stone facade . Rigid hard polyurethane make the stacked stone panels strong and durable . Each panel has a warranty of 20 years for interior and exterior use . The most advantage is that installing 310 stacked stone panel so easily . Just a normal nail gun or screws , you can finish the whole stone cladding installing by yourself with limited time .

  • Easy install by glue or screw
  • Light weight material , only 1/10 weight of other stone panel
  • Realistic
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Low cost maintenance 

Are you looking for a easy install stone siding ? Do you want finish a whole house exterior with stone look by yourself ? Now look at our polyurethane faux stacked stone panel . Screw install , NO mess , No dirty , Do-it-yourself friendly .

How to Install Faux Stone Siding ?

1 Level and color up the wall horizontally 

2 Put the start strip on the bottom of the wall

3 Install the first stacked stone panel from the left bottom of wall 

4 Lay the stone panels down to up , left to right ,fix the stone panels with screws on the joints

5 Check if the stone panels are horizontal with a level during installation

Adding Ledger

6 Keep on installing the panels , corner and top lines.

how to install stone wall

7 Cut the stone panels with a saw if necessary 

8 Drill the screw through the center of jonits to the wall 

Upper Stone panels are interlock with lower panels and screws are invisible 

Stone Panels Packing