Project Description

XPS COrnice YG0470
Product Coving
Breath75 mm
Wall50 mm
Ceiling50 mm
Length2000 mm
StylePlain Cove Design


Myfull Decor XPS-Polystyrene Cove ,Cornice Moulding YG0470

High density and easy-to-fit lightweight XPS-Polystyrene  coving that provides a perfect finish

  • Quick and easy installation by one person
  • No nails or screws require
  • Manufactured to produce perfectly matched lengths whatever the room size
  • Same adhesive can be used for fixing/filling any gaps and joints in coving lengths
  • Ready to paint finish using water-based paint
  • Moisture resistant to minimize damage from humidity
  • Flexible super lightweight material
  • Do not use solvent based adhesives on this product
  • Provides a perfect, smooth finish Easy fit installs in a fraction of the time of plaster.
  • Perfect for DIY.
  • Durable and shock-resistant.

XPS Cove Molding is cost effective decorative architectural molding than gypsum/plaster cornice molding , Polyurethane Luxury crown molding ,MDF Crown Molding .  XPS Cove moulding is light weight , water proof . With XPS cove , you do not need worry about humid . As a classic decorative molding design, XPS cove molding bring a elegance to your room with limited budget .

Myfull Decor XPS cornice coving is also a very high quality cornice molding for inside decoration . With unique formula , Myfull Decor XPS cornice molding are stronger than other supplier .

Price :  0.36 USD/Meter 



Myfull Decor cornice molding install video 

Does our business searching for a supplier of high quality polyurethane decorative millwork products ? Myfull Decor is a manufacturer of polyurethane decorative millwork products such as cornice moulding , moldings , panel molding , ceiling medallion ,corbel , pillars , roman columns , wall panels and more .

If you purchase from us , we offer many additional convenient service ,all of which cant be easily provided by other PU Mouldings suppliers

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