We received many questions about polyurethane mouldings products ,so we would like to list the most asked questions listed here and hope this will help you to understand more about our polyurethane mouldings products .

  1. What is Polyurethane moulding ?

Polyurethane is a high density foam materials. When we talk about polyurethane moulding , the full name should be high density polyurethane foam        moulding . It has all of advantages of wood without the disadvantages ,like rotting, splintering and cracking . Polyurethane moulding has a wide design collections include smooth crown molding ,ornamental crown molding , panel moldings with corners , ceiling medallions , corbels, pillars , roman columns and other decor elements . It is full range decor design for we need . We supply more than 400 profiles for customer and also accept customized orders based on drawings or samples.

  1. Are polyurethane architectural moldings lightweight ?

Yes. Traditional gypsum /plaster moldings can be extremely heavy . Myfull Decor polyurethane crown molding is only 0.5 kgs per meter for 5 inches width molding.

  1. Are polyurethane architectural moldings strong and durable ?

Absolutely .Unlike gypsum /plaster moldings that are fragile and need a safe carefully handing and delivery ,our polyurethane crown moldings are strong than wood , no need worry about broken and damage which require extra cost and time to repair . If you are working on a online sale , polyurethane molding package can be safety delivery by carrier like DHL ,UPS ,Fedex .

  1. Are polyurethane crown mouldings weathering resistant ?

Yes. Polyurethane crown moldings are made of high density polyurethane rigid foam which has a close cell structure . This material is water proof ,even you put crown mouldings into water for a long time, the moldings are still good as before .

Polyurethane crown molding is insect resistant as well . It is absolutely a best option for customers who live in area which has a high humid or place insect visit in a high frequency .

  1. Are polyurethane panel molding and baseboard can be used for curved wall ?

Yes. All polyurethane moulding include panel molding and baseboard molding are available in TWO version , Rigid Version and Flexible Version Polyurethane Rigid Molding is semi-flexible molding , you can bend it like below photo . Semi flexible make polyurethane molding more strength and wont be cracked .Flexible mouldings feels more like rubber materials and they are designed for curved walls with easy install and low cost options .

  1. Are polyurethane mouldings with fine details ?

Polyurethane moulding is manufactured by liquid raw polyurethane materials .  Liquid materials was injected into molds and be foamed to every details of mold shape . Finished polyurethane moulding has deep ,sharp and fine details ,much better than gypsum molding & other materials molding .

  1. Are polyurethane products melts in high temperatures ?

No.  Polyurethane moulding products are highly durable and will not be affected by normal outside heat temperatures

  1. What we needed for install polyurethane mouldings ?

We recommend that use stainless steel or non-corrosive fasteners along with PL Premium adhesive. You also need some basic tools ,like miter saw, miter box ,screw driver,level,putty knife and paint brush if you want to repaint it to other colors.

  1. How do we do maintenance work ?

Wash with mild dish soap detergent and rinse. That is it !

Finally polyurethane products are good materials than other decorative mouldings products on the market . If you want to see the real product ,please go ahead and email me to get a small sample without any cost .